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Start To Stir The Stir Approach 4

How to Stir Using Longings for a Just and Kind World

You many have conversations where people say, "I don't believe in God because there's too much bad stuff in the world." Keep reading as we learn how to keep the conversation going and possibly even stir up spiritual curiosity.

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How to Keep the Conversation Going When Friends Say "I believe in Science"

These types of situations make us feel like we have to enter a debate about the existence of God or show that science and faith are not at odds, both of which can feel overwhelming. Is it possible stir spiritual curiosity in these situations? We think it is. Listen in and learn questions you can ask to probe for hidden spiritual longings.

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How to Stir Using Longings About the Afterlife

Recent national events has many people thinking about what happens in the afterlife. Darin shows you how to have stirring conversations around the the topic of "what happens when we die?"