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Run a Stir Course

The Stir Course Overview

The Stir Course is a set of interactive sessions designed to use in your outreach context.

It helps people to discover their soul through experience...

...then introduces them to God and the person of Jesus before offering an invitation to make a faith commitment.

Start To Stir How Does It Work

How the Stir Course Works

Each session can run from 20-60 minutes and uses experiences, video clips and reflection to stir up the many spiritual emotions, questions and longings that lie dormant, under the surface of most people's lives.

The leader learns to call attention to these longings and interprets them as springing from the soul.

As participants uncover their true spiritual nature it provides the motivation to explore faith further.


Examples of how to use the Stir Course:

Start To Stir Adult Group

Church and Youth Outreaches

12-16 Weeks

Start To Stir Church Outreach2

Small Groups

12-24 Weeks

Start To Stir Campus Use

Schools and Campuses

1-2 Terms

It’s more than a curriculum.

When you purchase a Stir Course you join our team of Stirrers. We will help you get your first Stir group started and support you throughout the course to experience success in stirring souls.

Discover Your Soul

Stir Pack 1

Stir Pack One consists of six experiences that help participants discover the presence of their soul by bubbling up emotions, questions and longings that reveal our true spiritual nature. These include our sense of justice, wondering if we have a purpose and our longing to know we are not alone.

Connect to God

Stir Pack 2

Stir Pack Two introduces several people from the past and present who demonstrate how their connection with God leads to full life. Participants will develop a desire to connect with God, who fulfils our every longing.

Encounter Jesus

Stir Pack 3

Stir Pack Three introduces Jesus, who was fully one with God. By diving directly into the gospel accounts, participants will be drawn to the person of Jesus and his relationship with God. They will see that wherever Jesus went, true life followed.

Live Full Life

Stir Pack 4

Stir Pack Four addresses the reality of our sin, our separation from God, Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection and our inability to re-establish the connection with God on our own. Participants will be invited to follow Jesus as their Leader and Forgiver.

The Complete Stir Course

All the packs in the course

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