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Will Stir Work for Me?

Got questions about whether Stir is the right fit for you? Here's some answers.

What’s the Best Way to Try Stir?

Just give it a go, even if you only have two or three people to start with. Invite individuals who are uncertain about faith to come for six weeks to ‘explore faith’ or ‘consider their spirituality’. Lead them through the first pack, Discover Your Soul. Then give them the opportunity to stop there or continue further.

Can I Run the full Stir Course in 14 Weeks?

Yes! Check out our suggested plan here.

Can I Run The Stir Course if I only have 20 minutes every week?

Yes! Play the suggested video then choose to do the reflection questions or the experience.

Can I Use The Stir Course in my Schoolswork?

Yes! Stir has been used successfully at school lunch-time groups. It is a year’s worth of sessions! Follow the instructions for running Stir in 20 minutes as that’s the typical time-frame you will be given.

Can I Use The Stir Course with our Church Café or Messy Church?

If your church is running a café, Stir can be a great way to stimulate spiritual conversations at individual tables and create opportunities for people to explore further. (Stir would probably be a bit too tricky to adapt to Messy Church due to the wide range of ages.)

Can I use The Stir Course for Collective Worship?

Yes! Contact us and we can give you a full term’s plan including Slide Decks,

Videos, Staff Briefings and Student journals.

Can I Use The Stir Course in School Assemblies?

We think the Stir material is great for School Assemblies. The sessions can help you meet the school’s PSHE/RSHE requirements, inform students about the Christian faith and serve as an opportunity to invite students to a follow-up Stir group.

Can I Use The Stir Course with Children?

Stir can be adapted to use with children. Older children will benefit from the concept that humans are more than bodies and brains. Children of all ages will easily engage with the sessions that explore the life of Jesus and how we can begin a relationship with God through him.

Can I Use The Stir Course at my Youth Group, Club or Drop-in?

Stir has been used in several youth group, club and drop-in settings. Your approach will depend on whether you have a slot where everyone stops and listens to input from the front or if you have no set structure and people freely come and go.