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Learn to Stir Training

Youth Group Training Workshop

Shape Your Total Approach to Mission

Start to Stir can help your church or youth group get excited about sharing faith by training your people to identify new starting points, stir curiosity in everyday conversations and run the Stir Course.

Start to Stir equipped us with their extensive experience working with young people, and tailored the session to suit our educational context. They guided us through the challenges of translating faith conversations into school settings, offering practical strategies and innovative perspectives. We recommend Start to Stir to anyone seeking to bridge the gap and connect with the younger generation on matters of faith.

Dave Boden
Grace Foundation
Operations Director

Workshops we offer:

I want to train my church how to stir

Learn the questions that people today are asking, and how to begin to stir spiritual curiosity through your outreach or mission.

1-2 hours for your congregation or youth group

2-3 hours for church leaders

I want to embed the Stir approach in my organisation

How can your church, youth group or charity move from social engagement to spiritual conversations? Your team will learn the basics of a stirring approach and get time to make an actionable plan for implementing real change.

90 minute Stir Training

I want to run a programme for people who don't know God

The Stir Course is our tool to use in your outreach or mission. It is four sets of interactive sessions that start by helping participants discover their soul.

I want to take a video course on how to stir

Coming Soon! We are working to package the Stir Workshops into six digital training sessions that you can use in your church or small groups.

In a workshop we will help you to:

Understand mission youth training

Understand the culture

Explore training outreach workshop

Explore the obstacles you face, especially the relevancy barrier

Discover gospel mission outreach

Discover new starting points for gospel conversations

Create mission tools evangelism youth

Create pathways from outreach to invitation and into the life of the Church