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Stir Spiritual Curiosity

What is Start to Stir?

Sharing the gospel can feel impossible. It doesn't have to.

If you or your church feel stuck because the people around you show little interest in God or faith and you are not sure how to shift your mission efforts from social interactions to spiritual engagement, you have come to the right space.

Who's stirring souls?

We believe every human being is a spiritual being.

Although our current culture seems numb to matters of faith, deep below the surface, every individual possesses thoughts, emotions and longings that demonstrate the presence of a soul and a desire to connect with God.

We can stimulate curiosity by stirring these up.

Start to Stir provides resources and training designed to address the relevancy barrier to the gospel.

We will help you find a new starting point and learn to stir souls.

The Stir Course

A four-part series of sessions you can use to invite and engage those who seem indifferent to faith

Image of the the evangelism tool, the Start to Stir pack.