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Learn to Stir Workshops

In person training for your church or organisation to learn to stir spiritual curiosity through mission

In a workshop we will help you to:

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Understand the culture and explore the obstacles you face, especially the relevancy barrier.

Workshop 2

Discover new starting points for gospel conversations

Workshop 3

Discover new starting points for gospel conversations

Workshops for Churches

Workshops for Churches

  • 1-2 hours for your congregation or youth group
  • 2-3 hours strategy for church leaders
  • Residentials

Workshops for Organisations

Workshops for Organisations

  • 90 minute Start to Stir Training
  • 2-3 hour strategy and implementation for Christian Schools Workers

3 things we do

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I want to learn how to stimulate curiosity in the Gospel

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I need resources to Stir Souls in my community

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I want to inspire my church to share their faith


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Stir Course

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